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The Most Important Metrics to Help You Know Your Site’s Performance

It is important to understand the fact that website metrics are never created the same. You might want to avoid the costly mistake of measuring metrics that have no value to your site. If whatever metrics you are measuring are not leading to any success, rest assured you are wasting your time, money and effort. Even so, knowing how to measure performance of your website can play a significant role in ensuring you improve user experience. It will also mean you will keep your already acquired traffic coming back. The other thing worth mentioning is you get not only to identify but also fix possible hitches that may not be noticeable to your competition.

These metrics are simply indicators of the performance of your business website. Needless to mention, positive metrics means positive growth for your business. Don’t be this company that measures its performance without ensuring it aligns to its marketing KPIs. The secret is to identify the metrics that are a sure bet to succeed. Read on to learn about the most common metrics to watch out for.

The first and most important indicator that you should be looking at is what is known as Time to Title. What you are looking at with this metric is the time it takes for a webpage title to load and appear in the browsers of your visitors. Time to Title is very important as it targets the gateway to your website – the title. More importantly, it shows how all the other metrics of this site are performing, since it is an indicator of how well your SEO efforts are paying off.

How many visitors are coming to your website on a regular basis? There can never be any comparison to the critical role that having real-time traffic measurement plays. Should you see high traffic, it means your marketing campaigns and efforts are paying off. When you want to know how to adjust your marketing efforts and campaigns, look no further beyond this metric.

You also have to check your website’s metrics in terms of the bounce rate of your site. In a nutshell, the bounce rate helps you know how users find your website and how long they get to stay there. When the bounce rate is high, you might want to look at your SEO campaigns and adjust accordingly. The bounce rate will help you identify the number of visitors your website has.